Pre-Op Surgery Instructions


1) Designate a driver. Medications given during your procedure slow your response time. Please have a responsible adult accompany you or available to take you home. Going home by yourself in a taxi is not permitted.

2)Nothing to eat or drink after midnight. Your surgery will be cancelled if you eat or drink after midnight on the night before your operation. Food in the stomach puts you at risk for breathing in (aspirating) food particles. You may take your daily morning medications with sips of water. If you take a blood thinner (Coumadin) or have diabetes, heart disease or other illness requiring medications, contact your surgeon or primary care physician for specific directions.

3) Do not take Aspirin. Refrain from taking aspirin, aspirin containing products, “goody powders”, or vitamin E for 5 days prior to surgery.

4) Wear comfortable clothes. Wear clothes that are easy to put on. Tops or dresses that are loose fitting and button or zip up the front are easier to slip over your surgical dressing. Postoperatively, you may be given a wireless bra to be worn over your dressings. You may also plan on bringing a sports bra or front closure bra with you as this will be easier to wear immediately after surgery.

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